Secrets of the Email Marketing Strategist

Lesson One: A Template for Email Success
As an email marketer, you have an idea of what you *should* be doing, and you’re dreaming of what you *would* do – if only you had the time, the resources, and the buy-in to make it all happen. But without all that, where do you even start?

Jen Capstraw reveals her methodology for identifying and prioritizing your top email marketing opportunities and shares pragmatic advice for moving the needle in meaningful ways.

You’ll learn:

  • The essential elements of a complete email program
  • How to identify and prioritize your top email opportunities
  • Defining a plan to level up your email ROI

Lesson Two: Today’s Email Marketing Myths & Mistakes and How to Fix Them
There’s a lot of bad advice – and bad data – masquerading as high-quality email marketing insights. Could you be falling for faulty tips and stats? Jen shares her personal mistakes and lessons learned to course correct.

You’ll learn:

  • The top problems with email industry reports and stats
  • How to evaluate so-called best practices through a critical lens
  • Practical approaches for campaign implementation and optimization

Lesson Three: That’s Lit! Innovations in Email
What are the coolest and most current innovations in email strategy and technology? Up your #emailgeek street cred with your newfound understanding of what’s possible with email today.

You’ll learn:

  • Insights into email examples that use predictive modeling to target leads with a high propensity to convert
  • Artificial intelligence and language optimization tactics
  • How to use tools that enhance the inbox experience

And more!