Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Content

Lesson One: Choosing a Content Focus
We’ll open by talking about the challenge of content idea generation and share the importance of a content idea generation framework. We’ll cover 10 different focuses: the lenses or approaches we can use to tell stories and create content. This will build the first half of our framework. After plenty of examples, we’ll try our hand at using this part of the framework.

You’ll learn:

  • New ways of approaching stories
  • How you can combine multiple angles to create unique content

Lesson Two: Choosing a Content Format
In this section, we’ll cover 10+ different content formats: the various ways you can bring your content to life. These formats are the second half of our content idea generation framework. We’ll review plenty of examples and then try our hand at determining formats for content ideas.

You’ll learn:

  • New ways of bringing your content to life
  • Which formats best serve which types of stories

Lesson Three: Turning One Content Idea into Many
This section is where the real magic happens. We’ll examine how combining the 10 formats with the 10 focuses from the previous sections will give you 100 possible ways to tell any story, and we’ll discuss a tool called a content multiplier, which allows you to turn one idea into several others. This is what allows the framework to help you generate not just 100 content ideas, but 200, 300, 500 ideas, or more!

You’ll learn:

  • How to confidently combine focuses and formats to create new storytelling approaches
  • The ability to use multipliers to turn one content idea into several related ideas”